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Best way to clean your vinyl

Keep your vinyl flooring glowing by cleaning it efficiently. Keep reading to find out how.


Having a toddler and a pet in a home is fun but challenging when it comes to cleaning. I chose vinyl flooring for our house since it makes it look good and is warm even during the winter. I am obsessed with cleaning, which is basically what I do when I am not taking care of the baby.

Though vinyl flooring is easy to clean, I still have to do it right and get the best products to keep it in excellent condition. I created this post to inform you on how to clean vinyl flooring in Singapore. Read on!

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Why are Your Vinyl Floors Always Dirty?


Vinyl floors get dirty quickly since they are mostly used in high-traffic areas. For instance, if you have installed this type of flooring in your bathroom, living room, or kitchen, it can get dirty easily since such areas are often exposed to dirty water, dust, and high traffic.

Apart from high traffic, your vinyl floors may always look dirty due to the use of chemicals. If, for instance, your laundry room is made up of this type of floor, the use of different chemicals can make it dirty. The lack of frequent cleaning can also make your vinyl floors appear dirty. Luckily, you can easily change this by maintaining your vinyl floors more efficiently.

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Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Floors



Get rid of dirt on the floor


Beginning with this step can make cleaning vinyl flooring a breeze. You should sweep the vinyl floor every day, especially in areas with high traffic, to remove any dust or dirt on it. This can help you get rid of any small rocks that get inside the house through shoes. You can sweep the floor using a regular broom or dust mop. As you eliminate dust, pay more attention to areas that tend to accumulate more dirt, such as under furniture or around corners. If, for instance, your kitchen is made up of vinyl flooring, run a soft broom over it after cleaning the utensils. Sweeping the vinyl floor frequently can help it last longer since it can prevent the dirt from causing scratches on the surface.


Eliminate any scuff marks on the floor


Besides dirt and dust, vinyl floors can sometimes get scuff marks. This can form when something rubs against the floor, such as shoes. You can get rid of such marks using a lubricant and a soft cloth. If you don’t have a lubricant, you can still get rid of stubborn stains from the vinyl floor by applying baking soda paste to it. Rubbing the affected area gently for a while can lift off the stain. Once the stain is out, you can get rid of the baking soda residue by mopping the area using some white vinegar and water. White vinegar is great for disinfecting vinyl floors in areas such as the mudroom or bathroom.


Mix the cleaning solution and mop the floor


Fill a bucket with warm water and add some liquid detergent. Cleaning the floor with water and a gentle detergent can leave it undamaged. You can use dish soap to clean the floor rather than always buying an expensive cleaning product. Wet your mop inside the bucket, then squeeze to get rid of some of the moisture. Start cleaning the vinyl flooring from one corner of the room, and ensure you leave an exit point for yourself. As you clean the vinyl floor, you should keep rising and wring the mop to get rid of the dirt transferred from the vinyl floor to the mop. You can use a robotic mop if you are busy and don’t have time to manually clean the vinyl floor.


Rinse the vinyl floor and air dry it


This can help you get rid of extra soap on the vinyl floor so that it does not look dull after cleaning. You should rinse the floor if it feels sticky after you mop it. Put a cup of white vinegar in a bucket with water and then mop the floor again and let it air dry.


What Not to Do When Cleaning Vinyl Floors?


Cleaning vinyl floors with harsh cleaners such as ammonia and scouring powders is not advisable since it may damage it. If you choose a commercial floor cleaner, ensure that it is ideal for this type of flooring. When you want to clean vinyl flooring in Singapore, you should also avoid using things such as steel wool or hard bristle sponge since they can scratch its coating. If you have a no-wax vinyl floor, you should avoid shining it using wax products.


How to maintain vinyl flooring


Place a doormat at the entrance to prevent the vinyl flooring from most of the dirt that could damage it. Your shoes tend to build up dirt, and a doormat at the entrance of your home can catch most of it. You can also protect the vinyl floor from scratches and dents by fitting the legs with felt pads. If your house has damaged old vinyl flooring, you can consider repairing it.




Vinyl flooring in Singapore is long-lasting and easy to maintain. I have shared simple tips that you can use to clean this type of floor easily. Remember to avoid using harsh substances on vinyl flooring and maintain it properly so that it can give you service for long.



Can vinegar damage my vinyl floors?

No. This will not damage vinyl floors since it does not have any harmful ingredients.

Can I mop on vinyl flooring?

Yes. You can use a dry and then wet mop over vinyl flooring to remove dirt.

Is steam mop good for my vinyl floors?

No. This is not good on vinyl floors since the heat from it can damage the floor.

Can you vacuum vinyl floors?

Yes, but this is not recommended. If you still choose to vacuum it, remove the beater bar to prevent scratches.

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