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Which is the best: LVT or SPC Flooring?


Being a homeowner was a dream come true. Though it took me a long time to get there, I could not believe I was finally buying materials for the house. However, I faced challenges since I did not know the right flooring to install. I decided to compare different types of flooring to reduce confusion.

The right type of flooring can make your house look cozier and make it feel complete. Keep reading to find out which is better between Laminate and Vinyl flooring.

Some of the types that I compared include Laminate (LVT) and Vinyl (SPC). After comparison, I realized that Vinyl was the better option. I decided to create this post to help other homeowners learn how this type of flooring differs from Laminate (LVT). Read on

Types of Vinyl Flooring from Durawall Singapore

Vinyl vs. Laminate Flooring – Feature Comparisons

Laminate LVT flooring can look like real stone or wood since it contains a high-definition photographic layer. It has a synthetic look. You can also customize the look of your home by installing Vinyl flooring (SPC). This type of flooring also has a synthetic look and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Vinyl Flooring (SPC) can look like hardwood or tiles.

In terms of appearance, Vinyl Flooring (SPC) and Laminate (LVT) draw since they both feature depictions of natural materials like stone and wood.


Moisture Resistant

Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is great to use in areas that are prone to lots of moisture since it is 100% waterproof. For instance, you can install this type of flooring in the kitchen, basement, or bathroom. Even when this type of flooring gets soaked in water, it will not get damaged.

Since laminate flooring (LVT) features a wood-based core, it can be less resistant to moisture. You should avoid installing this type of flooring in areas that are constantly exposed to water, such as the bathroom, since the core can easily soak it up. You can use this flooring in the living room or home office. Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is better since it is more moisture resistant than laminate flooring (LVT).


If you are looking for a type of flooring that you can install in a busy place such as a salon or barber shop, you can choose Vinyl Flooring (SPC). This contains a resin coating as well as a textured surface that makes it slip-resistant.

Laminate LVT is not slip-resistant since it can easily destabilize when dirt accumulates on it. This can negatively affect traction and is therefore not the best for areas with high foot traffic. Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is, therefore, better since it is more slip-resistant than Laminate LVT.


Vinyl Flooring (SPC) has a longer lifespan as well as durability compared to Laminate LVT. Manufacturers give an extended warranty to Vinyl Flooring (SPC) since they are confident about its quality. This is a tough material that can withstand things like high traffic, moisture, and dents. You can also repair this flooring to extend its lifespan if it gets scratched.

Laminate (LVT) flooring is also long-lasting, but its layers can start getting damaged when exposed to things like water or heavy furniture, which can cause dents. Also, repairing the wear layer of this type of flooring is impossible when it gets scratched. Therefore, Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is better since it is more durable than Laminate LVT flooring.


Vinyl flooring comes in three main types that you can pick from. They include luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet flooring, and luxury vinyl plank. Each type has certain attributes that you should focus on before picking the right one.

On the other hand, laminate flooring comes in different types, such as plastic, engineered wood, glued, textured, or smooth. Laminate flooring is better since it offers more variety to pick from compared to Vinyl flooring.


Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is more expensive than Laminate LVT flooring. The cost of Vinyl Flooring (SPC) often ranges between $3 and $7 per square foot. Laminate LVT flooring costs between $1 and $5 per square foot. Laminate LVT flooring is, therefore, better in this category since it is more affordable than Vinyl Flooring (SPC).


Both types are easy to maintain and stain resistant. You can wipe them down occasionally by vacuuming and cleaning. They, however, differ in that you can wet mop Vinyl Flooring (SPC), but you cannot wet mop Laminate LVT flooring.

Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is, therefore, better since you can maintain it in more ways compared to Laminate LVT flooring.

Verdict: Which flooring is better for your home?

Vinyl Flooring (SPC) is, therefore, better for your home than Laminate LVT flooring. This is because it is 100% waterproof, more durable, and resistant to dents, it can be repaired, is slip-resistant, and is easier to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is SPC a type of LVT?

SPC is an upgraded version of LVT flooring.

Is Vinyl flooring suitable for my living room?

Yes. This type of flooring is ideal for the living room since it is durable, provided warm underfoot is durable and easy to maintain.

Does SPC Vinyl flooring scratch easily?

No. This type is scratch resistant and can therefore handle traffic of an active household.

What is the disadvantage of laminate LVT flooring?

It is not slip-resistant and can get easily damaged by water. Also, you cannot repair it.

How long can SPC flooring last?

This can last for up to 20 years.

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