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Why Fluted Panels are the Hottest Trend in Singapore Right Now?


If you have spent any time on social media platforms like Instagram, you would have definitely noticed a large increase in interior designing. Nowadays, you will see tons of influencers trying to add a bit of elegance and style to their homes. And the newest way they do this is by installing fluted wall panels.

The craze behind making your home look more aesthetic and minimalist is higher than ever before. After all, who doesn’t want their house to look as fashionable as possible? Continue reading to learn about why the wall panels’ unique surface is gaining more and more traction in places like Singapore, and everything you need to know before you get your hands on some!

What are Fluted Wall Panels?

One of the most recurring wall panels that you see nowadays in contemporary home designs are the ones with parallel vertical lines running from top to bottom. These ridges and differenceS in textures immediately add an elegant look to any interior style. And these are what we call fluted wall panels.

The fluted panels are known for their versatility and ability to provide a clean-cut look. These wall panels are often created from a large mix of materials. In places like Singapore, you can expect the slatted profile to be made of MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, wood, PVC, and sometimes even metal depending on the type of aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. Oftentimes, you will also find that these slats have an increased durability as they are made from WPC (wood-plastic composite) which is way more sustainable and much better for our environment.

Types of Fluted Panels done by Durawall Singapore

How Does Fluted Paneling Improve Your Interior Design?

Now that we’ve learnt about what these MDF slats are, we need to understand why it is becoming such a popular choice amongst designers nowadays. So, let’s look at some of the benefits that you can get from these wall panels:

Available In A Wide Variety Of Paint Colours

The range of colours and styles available with fluted paneling is endless. It doesn’t matter if your house focuses on light aesthetics or a warmth style: With these wall panels, you are bound to find something that fills the gap that your project needs.

Create Sleek Designs in Any Space You Want

Something that we have noticed within contemporary home designs is that you will find all sorts of shapes and sizes. And this is where the fluted paneling’s versatile style comes into play! There’s nothing stopping you from adding all kinds of unconventional shapes with different widths and thicknesses.

Installation Is As Easy As Counting To Three

Another benefit that the wood wall panel offers is super simple installation options. But before you start trying to improve the charm of your home, you should get some tips from a trusted designer. To help out with this, we have some tips for you:

  • Before you mount the wood panels to your wall, it is suggested to let the panels acclimatize to your room’s conditions. So, leave it in there for a few days.

  • Make sure your walls are clean and bump-free before attempting to install the fluted wall panels. Dust can lower the adhesive’s strength and that’s the last thing you want.

After the wait, then come the installation steps:

  1. Measuring the width and length of the slats  (Be sure to map it against the wall to reduce any chances of error).

  2. Marking the correct lengths and edges  (Remember to review your measurements before doing this).

  3. Cutting the wall panels to fit within the measurement.

  4. Adding an adhesive or industry standard glue to mount the wall and make sure your wall markings are covered.

  5. Installation (All that’s left is sticking the wood wall within your markings).

Add A Touch Of Timeless Appeal and Elegance To Different Areas In Your Home

The best thing about fluted paneling is that it can seamlessly improve the look of any area inside or outside your home. And with this sleek wall design, there is never too much or too little. Attach it horizontally, vertically or cut it up into random shapes and watch as it takes your home’s aesthetic to a whole new level!

Prevent Damage To Your Wires

As a cat or dog owner, you know your wires and walls are always in danger of being ruined. With fluted wall panels, you don’t have to concern yourself with that anymore. Nobody likes looking at bumps or old paint falling off walls, and maintaining those is a lot of work. With a wood wall panel, you can save up on time and money while providing an up-to-date view at all times.

Install Classic Eco-Friendly Wood Wall Panels With A Touch Of Sophistication

Nowadays, everyone is looking to invest in more sustainable products. Another eco-friendly item that you can use is a wood wall panel. By getting these items, you won’t have to buy any harmful paints, and you won’t be harming any trees by going for an actual wood surface either. These slatted panels are made from WPC, which give off the same look without the drawbacks.

Traditional Walls VS Fluted Wall Panels

If you ask us, traditional wall designs have grown well out of date. No one wants to look at plain, blank walls anymore. Instead, wood wall panels can add a new level of style with their slats. The distinct lining and flexibility impressively combines modern fashion with ever-lasting aesthetics giving you a look that can never be matched by the old fashioned walls.

What To Look Out For Before Buying a Fluted Wall Panel

Before you go around picking wall panels to add to your home, you need to make sure you are choosing the right one. But how do you do that? In the end, it depends on the aesthetic you are trying to go for. Let’s take a look at some things you should note beforehand:

How Good Is The Quality Of Materials?

Everyone knows that you should invest in wall panels that prioritise longevity. The last thing you want is to put in a request to change your wood walls, especially when they are meant to last longer than traditional wall designs. The higher quality the wood-plastic combination is, the longer it will last.

Does It Fit The Style You’re Looking For?

The style of the wall panel will depend on the design you’re planning to get. If you want a newer look, then go for the diagonal lined slats design. Similarly, the vertical or horizontal lined designs will give a more smooth and polished look.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How Durable Are Fluted Wall Panels?

Fluted paneling is water, mold, and even termite resistant. With this design, you don’t have to worry about any of the problems old fashioned walls provide.

Are Wall Panels Made From Real Wood?

Not quite! A wall panel is made from a combination of wood and plastic such as PVC. Sometimes it may also include metal, too.

How Expensive Is A Wall Panel?

Fluted paneling can cost anywhere between S$28 to S$68. Prices may differ above or below these ranges depending on the style of the products chosen.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, everyone is looking to make their homes look prettier with beautiful minimalistic designs. One of the newest and upcoming wall types that provide this look is fluted paneling. Their special and abstract texture, mixed with its flexibility provides designers with a variety of different possibilities and styles. So, whether you are looking to remodel your home or start from scratch, fluted walls are sure to add a new level of unmatched sophistication.

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