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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Vinyl Flooring for Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen a fresh new look? If durability and water resistance are your priorities, vinyl flooring should be number one. 

But with so many options in the market, how do you choose the best vinyl flooring for your kitchen? Follow this guide to make the best choice for your needs.

Understanding the Core Features of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl’s superpower is its extreme durability. This synthetic flooring material holds up well under heavy daily use thanks to its resilient core construction. Unlike natural materials like wood or stone, the layered structure of vinyl makes it inherently damage-resistant. A clear wear layer protects against scratches, while the vinyl base absorbs impact.

Vinyl also retains its look over time. The layers of UV-cured urethane prevent fading or yellowing from sunlight exposure. Properly maintained vinyl can last for decades under kitchen foot traffic. For high-traffic areas prone to spills like kitchens, vinyl’s durability makes it a foundation you can rely on.

Types of Vinyl Flooring from Durawall Singapore

Why Vinyl Flooring Is the Kitchen Hero

Vinyl flooring has super skill when it comes to water resistance. Its waterproof structure prevents the absorption of spills, moisture, and humidity.

Thanks to its synthetic materials, quality vinyl flooring contains zero natural fibers vulnerable to warping or swelling when wet. The stable vinyl core and bonded layers simply repel any moisture. This water-repelling ability makes vinyl an ideal kitchen flooring. From kids spilling juice to unexpected appliance leaks, vinyl withstands it all. Its waterproof nature also resists the growth of mold or bacteria. Now let’s explore the key steps for choosing the perfect vinyl flooring for your kitchen;

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Vinyl Flooring for Your Kitchen

To get the best vinyl flooring, you must make your decisions wisely. But how do you go around this?

1. Assess Your Kitchen Environment

How are specific conditions of your kitchen space based on how you use it daily? This is a key to consider when choosing vinyl flooring for your kitchen. What do I mean? 

You need to look into factors like the amount of foot traffic, the potential for spills or messes, and exposure to moisture from sinks or appliances around your kitchen. If your kitchen is high-use, you need extra durable vinyl options.

2. Understand Vinyl Types

There are two main flooring categories: vinyl flooring and laminate (LVT). Vinyl flooring comes in three options: luxury vinyl tile, sheet flooring, and luxury vinyl plank. Flexible rolled sheets offer seamless installation. 

Laminate (LVT) features individual plank-style tiles that click together for a realistic wood or stone look. LVT tends to be cheaper, while vinyl flooring offers greater design options. Which one do you prefer?

3. Measure Your Kitchen

Understanding the type of vinyl flooring your kitchen needs, it’s time to measure your kitchen footprint. To calculate your flooring needs, carefully measure the length, width, and any irregular spaces like alcoves or any unique nooks or edges of your kitchen space. 

Add 5-10% more to account for cuts, defects, or miscalculations. Accurate measurements ensure you get enough vinyl.

4. Check Installation Methods

Sheet vinyl can usually be installed as a DIY project if you carefully follow the preparation and installation steps. But click-together LVT often requires hiring professional installers to ensure it’s properly laid. If you decide on hiring installers, that is another thing to add to your budget.

5. Budget Planning

Having your kitchen footprint measurements and the type of vinyl flooring you want, let’s see your budget. Prices for vinyl flooring range widely, starting from $3 per sq. ft upward based on the quality, thickness, and design you choose. 

Since you measured your total kitchen square footage, multiply it to estimate the total cost of materials—factor in other expenses like professional installation to determine your budget.

6. Research Brands and Suppliers

To get quality vinyl flooring, you need trustworthy vinyl flooring suppliers. You can research vinyl flooring suppliers in Singapore and compare product lines, prices, and service reputation. 

Choose a vinyl flooring supplier known for their expertise. You also need to focus on the quality of construction and materials they offer.

7. Request Samples

Don’t decide solely on photos. Contact suppliers to request free vinyl samples so you can truly see the color, texture, thickness, and feel. Or, if possible, visit their store. Samples give you the best sense of how the flooring will look when installed. 

8. Explore Design and Style

Ordering samples will help you view colors and patterns up close. If they send you a wide range of samples, look through the range of vinyl designs like wood plank, tile, stone, and abstract textures. 

Consider cool grays, warm browns, and sleek metallics, which complement most kitchen designs.

9. Evaluate Durability Features

Look at the wear layer thickness, which impacts durability. Also, check the vinyl’s waterproof grade and resistance to dents, cracks, or fade. Look at the thickness of the vinyl wear layer, which impacts its durability and lifespan. 

Additionally, check the waterproof grade, resistance to indentations, and UV fade protection. These specs indicate how well the vinyl will hold up long-term.

10. Finalize Your Choice

Using your measurements and budget, pick the specific vinyl flooring design and order the required square footage from a trusted supplier. Your reputable suppliers should handle delivery, installation, and warranties and provide excellent customer service.

Finding Reliable Vinyl Suppliers in Singapore

Choosing the right supplier ensures you get durable, high-performing vinyl flooring. At Durawall.com.sg, we have a strong reputation and a wide product selection of vinyl flooring for your kitchen.

Besides durable, waterproof, and impact-resistant vinyl flooring, we offer you free estimates, measurements, and quotes. This way, you get the exact amount of flooring needed with no surprises or shortages. Our professional delivery and installation services are a plus, too.

Of course, don’t forget the warranties. We stand behind our vinyl flooring with solid multi-year warranties in case of any defects. Read reviews from our previous and still customers to clear your doubts. 

Wrapping Up

Vinyl flooring offers the ideal blend of visual appeal and rugged performance for busy kitchen spaces. Following this guide will lead you to the perfect vinyl choice that withstands your family’s lifestyle with minimal upkeep required. Just be sure to select premium vinyl from reliable suppliers. 

With scratch-resistant durability, waterproofing abilities, and endless design options, our high-quality vinyl flooring is ready to be the foundation of your kitchen. Call us at +65 8755 3414 or visit our website for more information. Get ready to enjoy this versatile, low-maintenance surface for decades to come.

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